5 Ways To Reduce Stress

Hello readers! I am close to finishing all of this semester's finals and I figured I'd share some of the ways I reduce stress in times of finals and even mid-terms stress. Not only do I deal with copious amounts of stress from school,  I also deal with stress from my every day life. This includes work, responsibilities at home, personal issues … Continue reading 5 Ways To Reduce Stress


Easy Like Sunday Morning // 4.9.17

Hey friends! This past Sunday my sister, Charmy and I went out for brunch at a spot in Summit, NJ called, The Committed Pig. We've never been here before and we're always down to try new things ( check out my other post when we visited a spot for bubble tea ) and we definitely pigged out … Continue reading Easy Like Sunday Morning // 4.9.17

Spring Spotify Playlist // 4.6.17

Hey friends! I thought I'd share a playlist of songs I've been loving lately and will probably keep listening to throughout the spring season. Please enjoy this playlist I curated that gives me all the Spring-time vibes:   https://open.spotify.com/track/29jtZGdgpE2lWm2mkIt6HS Vance Joy's voice could soothe even the toughest soul, IMO. I have always loved this song. Then, … Continue reading Spring Spotify Playlist // 4.6.17

SOMA Film Festival // 3.12.17

Hey friends! Last weekend I attended the 2nd annual SOMA Film Festival, which is a film festival dedicated to showing amazing work made by local independent filmmakers. Last semester, I made a short film for my Digital Cinema Production class (At First Sight), which I then submitted to the SOMA Film Festival back in December. … Continue reading SOMA Film Festival // 3.12.17

Stationery Haul // MUJI

Hey friends! This past weekend I decided to take a trip to the city and figured I'd pick up a few things from one of my favorite stores--MUJI! I was first introduced to this store by my good friend, Lizz, who is also a stationery junkie like me. I couldn't resist another visit to this … Continue reading Stationery Haul // MUJI

MonDaze // A Short

Hi guys! Here's a little short video for my Intro to Multimedia Communication class. The objective was to film someone doing something. Why not show someone making my most beloved drink in the entire world? Hope you like it! (And special thanks for my wonderful coworker & friend who I forced to make this video with … Continue reading MonDaze // A Short

Bubble Teas? Yes Please!

Hi friends! The weather the past couple days here in Jersey were not exactly something you'd expect in February. It was very Spring-like (about 70 degrees this past Sunday!), so I decided to take advantage of it and go out for iced bubble tea! My sister, Charmy and I decided to go try a new bubble … Continue reading Bubble Teas? Yes Please!